Gem Cutters of Precious Gems

  Gem Cutting in Sri Lanka
The gem cutting of faceted precious gemstones is truly an art. There must be a balance between attaining the maximum weight and achieving the proper angles for brilliance. Also there is the problem of orienting the gemstone for the maximum color value.
All of our gem cutters at our lapidary shop here in Sri Lanka have many years experience cutting high value gemstones and are able to ensure that each piece is of maximum value when the faceting is completed. Taking the time to properly orient the gemstone in the pre-forming process for color, brilliance, and design makes a tremendous difference in the value of the finished parcels. These concerns are always foremost in our gem cutters minds rather than just achieving maximum weight.
Yet our prices for faceting gems is still comparable with the less particular gem cutters (in the $1.90 per carat finished weight range for gemstones that finish one carat or more) (see our Fee Schedule)
We invite you to try our gem cutting service and join our list of satisfied lapidary customers. We are able to facet most species of colored gems.
  Cutting Gem Cabochons
We have a lapidary section that does nothing but cutting cabochons. Our prices start at $0.90 per carat finished weight for smaller stones and the gem cutting prices drop from there as the stones get larger.
  Gem Cutting Services
  We offer a full line of gem cutting services to our customers around the world and we are always happy to have new business. We do ask though that you carefully follow the shipping instructions when sending rough gems to us in Sri Lanka so that we avoid any problems with Sri Lankan customs or V.A.T. charges.

Our gem cutting fees are based on the carat weight of the finished stones after cutting. The average size of the pieces in the shipment determine what rate you will be charged.
(for instance, if we cut 500 pieces with a finished weight of 1200 carats, the average weight per piece is 2.4 carats)

Please remember this is the size of the finished stones and not the size of the rough. Return shipping is $15.00.

(By Weight)

Shipments averaging over 10 carats per piece ---- US$1.50 per carat
Shipments averaging 5 to 10 carats per piece ---- US$1.70 per carat
Shipments averaging 2.5 to 5 carats per piece ---- US$1.90 per carat
Shipments averaging 1. to 2.5 carats per piece ---- US$2.30 per carat
Shipments averaging .5 to 1.0 carats per piece ---- US$2.90 per carat

(By Piece)

Shipments averaging .25 to .5 carats per piece ---- US$1.25 per piece
Shipments averaging smaller than .25 carats ---- US$0.85 per piece
Please e-mail us if you have any questions on our fee schedule .